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Because computing isn't necessarily shitty.
... Or at least not for everyone.

This website is in building!

Keep that in mind while walking around here, I'm not motivated and pretty busy those days, and usually people don't end up here so... Take a coffee and wait, I will finish this website one day, I swear. Just for you. But if you want to see things anyway, you can check the first version of the website. Protect your eyes.

What's up?

A new game project is born: Bullet Fashion

Last year - 2018/09/18 at 12:56 pm

Behold the colorful and simplistic project I had a few month ago! Because my main videogame will probably not be finished before a long time, I decided to dig out an "old" project of mine, more easy to do a priori. Check everything here.

Listen to 48 (old) musics!

Last year - 2018/08/23 at 00:04 am

I'm supposed to make one music each week but those times I'm lazy, so to distract your beautiful person I searched and posted most of the old versions of some musics here. Enjoy.

This website exists!

Last year - 2018/07/30 at 01:12 am

That's crazy, I'm so slow to create things, but here it is! I have a (kind of) correct website to share things without constraints (instead of pay for a premium account on whatever social media, I pay for a web hosting, I'm so smart ^^), and I... I... Oh myself it's so emotional, I'm crying right now. It's the beginning of a great adventure. I guess.

Who am I?

I'm Mills (what a twist), a young C++ developper, music maker, and big cinema lover. I hate working for someone else than me, I'm lazy, I have a dark sense of humor, my tears have gigantic destructive power, and I'm a french man who speaks english because it's way cooler like that.