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Keep that in mind while walking around here, I'm not motivated and pretty busy those days, and usually people don't end up here so... Take a coffee and wait, I will finish this website one day, I swear. Just for you. But if you want to see things anyway, you can check the first version of the website. Protect your eyes.

Bullet Fashion

It's a project I had a few months ago, while fighting against Hush in the game The Binding of Isaac. I asked myself: "why couldn't I create a game which gives me the same fun than beating Hush?", and pouf, Bullet Fashion was born.

Quick links

- To the artwork

The concept

Bullet Fashion if a game with minimalist design where you have a limited time to collect items in procedurally generated dungeons, to fight the boss of the floor. The dungeon is full of obstacles and enemies directly inspired of bullet hell games, and the perfect example of that is the boss of the floor (who is the reason why this game exists).